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Life. Literacy. Learn. Lead.

Monday, March 23, 2015

#SOLSC15 Day 23

Thank you to the Two Writing Teachers and the Slice of Life writing community for providing this opportunity to share our "slices." Thanks to Stacey, Anna, Beth, Tara, Dana and Betsy for creating a place for us to share our work. Check out the other slices and join in the fun!

Thanks to a co-worker, my son received his first desk this weekend. My friend has given us so much of his boys' items over the last several years: toys, clothes, shoes, coats, swim wear, and more. This desk is extra special because he made it by hand for his own sons. Now both of his sons have outgrown it and we are the lucky recipients.

Or should I say, this guy is...

It got me thinking back to my first desk. I had a fairly large bedroom, but the wall space was a bit tricky. So I ended up with a white corner desk and boy did I love it. For some reason I have a great memory of me sitting at my desk one time with the Cocktail soundtrack playing my cassette player. On the soundtrack was Kokomo from The Beach Boys. Back then, I would sit for hours in my bedroom with my tape player writing the lyrics down to song after song. I had awhile spiral notebook full of songs. Isn't it crazy we can just Google lyrics now? Type, type, type and click... seconds later we have the entire song right there. But, I think I still prefer my way. Listen. Stop  the cassette. Write. Play. Repeat.

Even though Michael was not listening to a cassette player at his desk, he certainly broke it in over this past weekend. There were many pictures made, even a card for his friend's birthday. It prompted my hubby and I to clean out our old desk on the third floor of our home. So, Michael scored some extra office supplies that my hubby and I were hoarding.

Yup. The day came where my little guy got his first desk. I hope he uses this space for magical fun for a long time, just like I did back then. 


  1. Oh my goodness!
    I remember that soundtrack!
    I remember writing out lyrics.
    I remember making tapes from the greatest hits on the radio.

  2. How cool! His own work place. Great things will come of this! :)

  3. I remember doing the same thing! We even taped songs from the radio onto cassette tapes in order to listen, stop, rewind, play over and over. Great memories even without a desk!