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Life. Literacy. Learn. Lead.

Monday, March 9, 2015

#SOLSC15 Day 9

Thank you to the Two Writing Teachers and the Slice of Life writing community for providing this opportunity to share our "slices." Thanks to Stacey, Anna, Beth, Tara, Dana and Betsy for creating a place for us to share our work. Check out the other slices and join in the fun!

The Weekend

Time together- cherish.
Back to Zumba- phew!
Dinner with neighbors- fun!
Groceries stocked- check.
 Teamwork cleaning- refreshing.
Birthday gift shopping- check.
Mass and religion- blessed.
Husband's bonus- thankful.
Dinner with parents- celebration.
Book finished-Wonder!
Slicing and commenting-inspiration. 
Re energized
When is it Friday again?


  1. You had a busy and productive weekend! Here's to having a great week as well. I like the rhythm of your poem, and how it ends on an upbeat note.

  2. I definitely like the ending of this poem! I was just thinking the same thing. Looks like you had a really productive and relaxing weekend. I love when that combination happens.

  3. What a great way to tell little slices about your weekend! Lots to celebration! It was fun to read and I loved the ending! (Anticipation - smile.)

  4. Love the style of your slice! Bring on the weekend.

  5. Love this little summary of your weekend. Was the book you finished "Wonder" or was it a wonder that you finished?

    1. Hi Leigh Anne!! Both {wink}.

      But seriously it was such a GREAT book!! I Have a very hard time finding books I like but this was spectacular. Beautiful message, set in NYC(my fav), current/modern, and short chapters (right up my alley). Got a recommendation for the next "must read" for me?

  6. I love how you wrote about your weekend! I like the single word that followed each moment.