Life. Literacy. Learn. Lead.

Life. Literacy. Learn. Lead.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

CELEBRATE- It's All About That Joy, 'Bout That Joy! 7/4/15

Ruth Ayers invites us to participate in a Celebrate Link-Up on Saturdays. Click here to see what others are celebrating and maybe join in yourself, too! 
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So much to celebrate this 4th of July! First I'm happy to be back blogging. As the school year was winding down, I was finding it very difficult to stay connected to my technology! But, I'm happy to be here today. 

Second, I celebrate Twitter and being able to follow everyone at #BBlit15, #tcrwp, and #iste2015 this week. What a great week to connect with so many audiences that, without tech, wouldn't be possible. 

Third, I celebrate getting my boys signed up for the public library summer reading program this week. They have a basket of "new" books to read piled high. I'm equally as thrilled as I picked up Sharon Draper's "Out of my Mind" and I can't begin to explain how much I love this book. I knew it was amazing when I found a powerful and profound thought and I was only on page 8! 
"Thoughts need words. Words need a voice." 

This book makes you appreciate the "simple" task of writing and speaking that we *may* take for granted. However, the main character, Melody, struggles to do both. I just can't wait to finish this amazing book. 

Next, I celebrate exercise and the consistent opportunity summer vacation provides to do so!!

Last, I celebrate the amazing freedoms we have in the USA to do all of the above. I think of the books I've read, the people I've connected with, the reports on the news, and the stories I've yet to hear. All of these things have shaped my beliefs and my perspective to carefully balance what I'm lucky to experience with the harsh reality that still exists for some. I pray the harshness lessens and the opportunities flow for all those we share this place and time with on Earth. 

Wishing those who are celebrating the 4th of July with me a safe and JOYful time with friends and family.