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Life. Literacy. Learn. Lead.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

#SOL15 New to Testing, But Cookies Help

Testing Testing Testing

Well, our NYS testing has begun. 

3 days of ELA
3 days of Math
2 days of Science
Field testing
District K-2 testing

For the last 14 years I've been nestled all snug in my first and second grade classroom world. Now with my new position, I'm finding out all I ever needed to know about testing AND THEN SOME! Calgon take me away!

I'm happy to report day 1 went smooth. It is kind of ridiculous to say this out loud, but I knew today was off to a great start because the first four songs I heard on the radio were my favorites. First up was P!nk, then Sam Hunt's new song, The Script and Sara Bareilles' Brave. What an anthem to belt out on test day. Just an absolutely great drive into work. 

We were organized and ready this morning so we got started right away. We sorted, counted, organized, delivered, waited, and counted some more. After testing, the most amazing thing happened. A parent delivered a MASSIVE amount of chocolate chip walnut cookies to school. Now, these aren't just any cookies...they were DoubleTree cookies. Anyone know what I'm talking about? If you do, then you know the amount of deliciousness can't even be described in words. Crunchy outside, warm and appropriately soft in the middle. None of that too soft, mushy center stuff. It was cooked-all-way, warm, yet gooey inside...perfection. The "back" story is that every time I'm
headed to NYC, I stay at the same DoubleTree. I must admit, it is mostly due to those cookies (and really good rates). So, not only were the cookies amazing, but the whole entire concept of these cookies showing up on the first test day--- when I've never even seen such a delivery as a "DoubleTree" hotel cookie delivery---was just AH-mazing.   

I just hope tomorrow is a nice little repeat of today. But, tomorrow has a lot to live up to.  

Every time I think about complaining of all this testing, I think of these poor kiddos stuck in hours and hours of testing. And, let's be real, I'm thinking about those cookies. 


  1. Best treat ever for a first day of testing! I love Doubletree's cookies too. I'll be back in the testing saddle even though I'm retired since our admin. asked if I could help.

    1. Wow, still helping after retirement. Now that's dedication ;)