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Saturday, February 7, 2015

CELEBRATE: It's All About That Joy, 'Bout That Joy- 2/7

Ruth Ayers invites us to participate in a Celebrate Link-Up on Saturdays. Thanks Ruth! Click here to see what others are celebrating and maybe join in yourself, too!
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So today I celebrate a few small moments at breakfast.

The Seashell Bowl
Yup. It's just a bowl, but to me it is a flood of memories. You see, every summer we head to the shore and for just one week we pretend we own this beach house and lifestyle. We've been renting for several years now and it really does feel like home. My parents, my cousins, us. Magical time together that we just can't wait to recreate every single summer. 

Well, part of this time together includes breakfast in my favorite bowl. The amazing family who owns the beach house we rent each summer has an eclectic collection of seashore dishes. I choose this one shiny, white seashell bowl to have yogurt and berries in every morning. I do this every year... actually, I can't wait to do this every year. The yogurt just tastes better in this bowl :) 

This year upon leaving, my cousin and I said our goodbyes but she also snuck a fast one in and said "look for something in the mail." A few days later after returning home, a package arrived with an E-bay order inside. My bowl! My seashell bowl! She bought me this treasure and although it's, "just a bowl," it certainly means more to me.

Lucky or Lucky Charms?
Eating breakfast this morning, my son gets the box of Lucky Charms, a bowl, spoon, milk and says "Mom, will you help me pour?" We exchanged a look and a smile that made buying this box of cereal worth it. Knowing we never buy Lucky Charms or other sugary cereals, he knows he wore me down. After all it was a 4 for $10 sale :) Totally worth that cute smile he shot me. Then he starts whispering in my ear. Whispering so softly I actually couldn't make out what he was saying... something about a trap?! It's only him and I at the kitchen counter breakfast bar, so I ask:

"Why are you whispering?" 
His reply:
"What if the leprechaun hears us?" 

Oh, to be six. I feel so lucky.  And it is only breakfast. The day still awaits us.


  1. I Love the story of this bowl. Such a treasure you will have for years to come. Now, parenting moments are my favorite. I have a 6 year old and a 10 year old. It's such a sweet spot in parenting I think. (Yes challenges...but so many fun times!) Enjoy the rest of your day!

  2. So much joy at breakfast!!! I love the story of the bowl! I buy coffee mug when I'm at the beach, so I can have that reminder in the cold days of reminded me to pull out that coffee mug this morning! And the magic of cereal?!?! To see the world through the eyes of a six year old again! :)

  3. I love the cereal story! Lucky Charms was always a cereal that I also never bought...such a terrible mom! Meal times together whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner, is always such a great time to capture special memories! They magically delicious!

  4. How adorable! I love your son's magical spirit. Here's hoping a lucky leprechaun brings you more of those beautiful surprises today!


  5. Lucky the leprechaun and seashell bowl-so much joy at breakfast. That's a sweet way to start the day!